Sustainability is an effective principle for defining strategy and aligning the organization in a way that drives exceptional performance.

Sustainability is more than the 'greening' of business. While it incorporates ecological responsibility, it balances that imperative with long-term profitability and the ever-increasing need to be viewed as a good corporate citizen.

Organizations that integrate sustainability into their operations can reap substantial rewards, by:

  • Using energy, resources and materials efficiently, thereby reducing operating expenses
  • Exhibiting transparency that results in trusting, satisfying relationships with stakeholders
  • Attracting and retaining top talent who are eager to work for principled companies
  • Raising morale through a culture of respect, commitment and engagement that yields productivity gains
  • Stimulating innovation that improves product and service offerings
  • Strengthening the brand by promoting an image that resonates in the marketplace
  • Managing risks by identifying economic, ecological and social trends that can impact operations, and developing responses to their threats
  • Developing leadership within the industry, supply chain and community
  • Creating a competitive advantage that drives value - and profitability.








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