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How's the health of your organization?

The Organization Checkup is a systematic and integrated review of key components of an organization:

  • efficiency of operations, quality and technology;
  • personnel levels, procedures and performance;
  • brand, market position, communications and sales;
  • capitalization, and financial practices and reporting;, and
  • governance, leadership and management.

The review is tailored to provide a sufficient level of detail to gauge the health of the organization, or to serve as a basis for strategic planning.

Once a picture has been drawn, it is easy to identify where there is a difference between current and expected values and, as a result, determine what gaps need to be closed. Often, the Checkup identifies emerging symptoms that, if left unchecked, would expose the organization to undesired consequences.

The Checkup results in a set of prescriptive recommendations to correct identified problems and to take advantage of opportunities for improving the organization's performance.

We also can analyze and report on a portion of the business - such as a marketing analysis, financial performance analysis or an environmental report.

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