thinking strategically

Strategic planning is a powerful tool used to orchestrate and boost organizational performance. Effective strategic planning results in:

  • an inspiring vision for the organization,
  • a set of specific goals that define and give substance to the vision,
  • evaluation and selection of directions (the strategies) that can be applied to achieve the goals,
  • decisions on how to achieve the outcomes that are desired (Action Plan), including identifying the resources needed, and
  • a process for monitoring progress toward the goals.

Involving managers and staff in the planning process is energizing. It has the added benefit of gaining buy-in and commitment to the actions that have been agreed to. An effective Plan should be specific enough to provide organizational focus and yet flexible enought to be adapted to the inevitable changes in the marketplace. The ultimate benefit is that the Plan is the primary tool for achieving an organization's aspirations.

Raven Business Group, LLC. excels at developing strategic plans that address such topics as:

  • growing the organization,
  • changing how business is conducted,
  • re-organizing,
  • expanding locations, product lines and services,
  • refining competitive advantage, and
  • realizing innovation opportunities.

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