growing revenues

Marketing pushes revenues. Our services are designed to strengthen the success of marketing efforts.

An organization benefits from having a coherent Marketing Plan that specifies:

  • marketing objectives, related to overall organizational goals,
  • the factors that affect their marketplace - including how their own business responds to those factors,
  • an understanding of the demographics and psychographics of their target customer base(s),
  • positioning the organization in the market in order to capture the attention of the customer and distinguish it from competitors,
  • presenting an image of the company consistent with its chosen position,
  • delivering compelling messages via appropriate marketing channels, and
  • evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in achieving the marketing objectives

At Raven we specialize in developing marketing plans that extend beyond the traditional formula of product, place, promotion and price. While these elements are important, our emphasis is on developing plans that enable businesses to connect with their customers who then become more comfortable in making the intellectual decision to buy a business' product or service.

Our expertise revolves around marketing audits and market research, strategizing and plan development. We also work with a select network of specialists in graphic design, web site development, copywriting, focus group facilitation, customer service and sales training in order to implement developed plans.

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