improving operations

Organizational growth and profitability can be frustrated by a lack of attentiveness to the multiple processes that are performed over and over again. Improvement programs look toward the streamlining and recording of processes that offer a number of benefits:

  • reducing labor and materials cost,
  • defining and improving quality,
  • facilitating training consistency,
  • enhancing customer satisfaction, due to quality improvements and products/services delivered on time and on budget,
  • increased profit, due to saved labor and materials, and

Process Improvement Program Raven works with companies to design and implement their own Process Improvement Programs. These initiatives include establishing program objectives, creating a work plan that emphasizes problem and cause identification, ideal process design, and monitoring results. The process is replicable, so that the organization retains the knowledge to complete future assignments.

Operations Handbook These products are tailored to our clients' specific requirements. General operations handbooks address topics, such as facility and equipment operation and maintenance, office administration procedures, marketing and sales processes, financial controls and personnel procedures. The Project Management Handbook [link to controlling projects] is a specialized operations control document.

If your organization is looking to improve the quality of its operations, please contact us to discuss how we can help.







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