Raven Business Group, LLC. helps organizations become sustainable by focusing on long-term profitability, and ecological and stakeholder responsibility.


Our services include:

Client Profile

Raven has worked with hundreds of clients in business, government and non-profit sectors. We've worked in different industries, in different stages of organizational development (from conceptual stage, to start-ups, to growing companies, to mature companies), of different sizes, and in different locations.

You don't hire any consultant. We don't take on just any client.

We are passionate about our work and we look for clients who have a passion for their work or at least a desire to return to a level of passion that once existed.

We are dedicated to our clients and we look for clients who are willing to do the critical thinking, have the courage to make the hard decisions and committed to fulfilling their potential.

We are honest, ethical and fair in our relationships and we look for client's whose values and principles are comparable to our own.


Our approach to creating sustainable organizations is based on the expertise we've gained in nearly 30 years of management consulting and environmental planning.

This experience allows us to quickly grasp issues and apply lessons from dozens of industries.

Our processes are probably not that different from other quality-driven, customer-focused consultants who work collaboratively with their clients.

We seek to understand our clients' concerns and aspirations. Before starting work we are adamant about agreeing on the objective of the assignment, understanding the value of achieving the outcome, agreeing on how project progress will be measured, identifying the methodologies that will be used, stipulating a schedule, determining the relative contributions of each party, and specifying the terms and conditions of the contracted work.

The methodologies we employ are varied and are tailored to the particular requirements of the assignment. Methods may include staff interviews, client surveys, facilitated retreats, training sessions, market research, focus groups, site visits, environmental audits, financial reviews, benchmarking and other tools.

Strategic Alliances

We are experts in sustainability and business management. We don't claim to be experts in all matters.

For many projects we will assemble a team of individuals or companies who have the exact expertise that is needed for the particular assignment. These experts may come from a variety of fields: such as, process engineers, graphic designers, public relations specialists, trainers, packaging designers, web site developers, copywriters, photographers and other professionals.

We work with leading companies whose values and work ethic are comparable to our own. We are continually looking to ally Raven with other industry leaders and experts.

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