About: Raven's Mission

Raven Business Group is dedicated to helping businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies and individuals become more sustainable. We provide objective assessment, appropriate recommendations and sound business counsel designed to rapidly facilitate the acceptance and incorporation of sustainable thinking and practices throughout our clients' operations.

Our clients benefit from embracing sustainability through improved financial performance. In addition our clients have the satisfaction of becoming more ecologically responsible; strengthening their position in the marketplace; being viewed as preferred employers, potent partners and allies; and are recognized for their contributions to the richness of their communities.

Raven, too, incorporates sustainability principles and practices into our operations. We work to reduce our own consumption of resources and to minimize our ecological footprint. We operate ethically according to our stated values and the Code of Ethics of our professional organization. We encourage personal growth and promote economic, physical and spiritual wellbeing of our staff and our colleagues. Lastly, we give back to the community through volunteering and donations.







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