Glenn Bachman is a speaker at association, educational and corporate events on the subjects of sustainability and organization development. Glenn's presentations are rich in content, thought-provoking and inspiring.


June 10, 2009
4:00 - 6:00 PM
Providence, RI

Greening the Enterprise: Survival Tactic for the Downturn, Growth Strategy past the Recovery

Many organizations are reducing energy and other supply use as a tried and true way of controlling operating expenses. The lessons learned from lessening the organization's carbon footprint and ecological impact are sound tactics for coping with the economic downturn. However, these practices can be extended to propel the enterprise going forward.

Come join Glenn Bachman and the New Commons staff in a discussion of how organizations can go green, and how 'light green' organizations can produce greater competitive advantage for themselves.

Glenn Bachman is the author of the recently published Green Business Guide: A One Stop Resource for Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes to Implement Eco-friendly Policies, Programs, and Practices. This hands-on guidebook is receiving wide acclaim for its practical advice for establishing a business case for going green; managing the transformation; identifying and selecting appropriate eco-friendly practices; and telling the story to enhance the organization's image.

Glenn's talk will extend beyond the book's content and will be of interest to representatives of for-profit enterprises, non-profit organizations, and others committed to the ecological responsibilities of the business sector.

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Speeches and Presentation Topics

Beyond Inconvenient Truth
Has your organization assessed the implications of a rapidly evolving world?
A comprehensive examination of population, environmental, workforce and economic trends that are impacting the landscape in which organizations operate.

The Business Case for Sustainability
Is sustainability right for your business? An exploration of how organizations can benefit from applying sustainability principles.

Competencies for a Sustainable Organization
Is your organization poised to embrace sustainability? An organization that is implementing sustainability practices must learn skills that will promote a new approach to conducting operations. This presentation looks at skills that are needed at various organizational levels.

Sustainability Indicators
There are at least a couple dozen frameworks for measuring sustainability. This presentation looks at what sustainability topics organizations are assessing, what indicators are being used and how to ensure the reporting is conducted properly.
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