About: Raven's Values

The Earth
Raven values the earth. We are awed by its power and by its fragility; by its harmony and its discord; and by its complexity and, its simplicity. We value the interconnectedness of all life across geographies and time.

We believe in humanity's potential to create a sustainable world that supports economic, ecological, physical and spiritual health that can be enjoyed by all.

Sustainability Principles
Raven believes that our planet and our global society are in peril due to population growth, demands for resources, climate change and a host of imprudent actions.

We believe that in order to reverse this untenable position and achieve our true collective potential that individuals, households, businesses, governments, schools, places of worship and organizations must urgently take action that is ecologically and socially responsible, and builds true prosperity.
Business Responsibility
Raven believes that businesses, along with other stakeholders, have a responsibility to move society expeditiously toward sustainability.

We further believe that those organizations that integrate sustainable principles into their operations benefit through reduced costs; heightened productivity; greater innovation; enhanced ability to recruit, motivate and retain talented workers; a more favorable reputation; better relations with stakeholders; and other qualities that translate into competitive advantage.

Client Commitment
Raven believes in the long-term profitable performance of our Clients. We enter relationships with the expectation that respect, fairness and ethical principles will guide our interactions and generate outcomes that are rewarding to all parties.

We continuously seek improvements and pursue excellence. Excellence is the well-planned outcome of quality processes and products that meet or exceed Client and stakeholder expectations and needs. While we appreciate perfection we acknowledge that its blind pursuit can be a thief of our time and other resources.

The Workplace
We value safe, comfortable work environments that are inviting, warm and conducive to establishing flow (that joyful time of creativity and seeming effortless performance).

Individual Qualities, Performance and Reward
We expect honesty, integrity, dependability, accountability, respect and courtesy. We encourage resourcefulness, initiative, discipline and courage.

We see the potential for every individual to take on leadership responsibilities. Because of that promise we are committed to the growth of the individual, empower, and provide recognition and fair compensation based on performance.

Lifelong Learning
We have a thirst for knowledge and believe that lifelong learning dedicated to acquiring critical skills enables us to be more effective in discharging our responsibilities and achieving our individual potential. We are committed to knowledge-sharing that efficiently links experience and learning.

Just as ecosystems thrive on a balanced variety of species, Raven respects and treasures the perspectives and wisdom afforded by many different cultures, ages, faiths, sexes and backgrounds. We embrace inclusion, involvement and engagement.

Business Partners and Collaboration
We believe that high-performing teams comprised of experts from varied disciplines are more effective in delivering results than what individual team members are able to achieve when working on their own. We value strong, mutually beneficial relationships with clients, suppliers, alliances and partners, competitors, contractors and subcontractors whose guiding principles are consistent with our own values. We treat these partners as they would want to be treated.

We foster innovation through clarity of thought and by inspiring, seeding, growing and harvesting relevant ideas.

Open, direct, honest and sensitive communication in the written and spoken word promotes authentic conversations, prevents problems, accelerates studied decisions and advances the creation of value without sacrificing the self-esteem of others.

Resource Efficiency
We value our collective physical resources: air, water, soils, forests, habitats and wildlife.

We value time and its efficient use.

Risk Management
We believe in managing risks, not taking risks. Thoughtful appraisals of conditions, scenario planning and probability assessment are basic tools we apply in understanding and managing risks.

Sustainable Raven
We are dedicated to building a reputation as excellent sustainability consultants whose efforts benefit our clients and multiple stakeholders. We are sustained by the enjoyment in and passion for our work, by ensuring that our work is in balance with the rest of our lives, by financial security, by rewarding relationships, and by taking great satisfaction in the results of our work.

Community Responsibility
We believe it is important for organizations to give back to the community by actively supporting community projects; by encouraging people to fulfill their family responsibilities and to participate in civic affairs; and by leading by example.

We believe our actions should advance the economies, ecologies and well-being of the multiple communities in which we have a stake: individuals, families and households; neighborhoods, villages, towns and cities; states, regions and countries; interest groups; strategic alliances, supply chains and industries; ecosystems and the global community that is a part of our value chain.







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