About: Raven's Vision

Our vision for Raven Business Group is grounded in a larger more encompassing vision. We believe that we have a moral imperative to create a safe, healthy, prosperous world that can be enjoyed by future generations.

This act of responsible re-creation can be accomplished by accepting responsibility for stewardship and by integrating sustainable practices throughout all of our activities.

The World Raven is working for…
Imagine clean air everywhere. A sky absent of pollution that causes asthma, respiratory diseases and that does not obscure stars at night. An atmosphere that is not the recipient of emissions from vehicles, industry and other sources. Envision an atmosphere that is cleansed by forests and plants that have been restored to their former abundance and function.

Imagine that carbon emissions have steadily declined. The global thermometer is not rising, our ocean temperatures and levels are not increasing, our permafrost is not melting and our icepacks are not disappearing. Envision the reversal - perhaps even the avoidance - of dramatic climate change.

Imagine plentiful, clean water. Oceans, lakes and rivers are recovering after decades of receiving petroleum-laden urban runoff, chemicals from hyper growing lawns and agribusiness, and effluent from industry. Envision groundwater, lakes and river that provide ample supplies of pure drinking water for all… of wetlands that cleanse… and of water bodies that provide habitat for fish and re-creation.

Imagine rich productive earth that sustains our food-growing needs. Topsoil is no longer vulnerable to erosion, nor impervious, and is not the recipient of air-borne pollution from industry, vehicles and other sources. Envision nutrient-rich soils that are the foundation of organic-based cropland and integrated agriculture.

Imagine a planet with abundant fish and wildlife. Habitats are no longer compromised: steps that have been taken to protect and rejuvenate air, soil and water resources. Envision the control of invasive plant and animal species, a dwindling list of rare, threatened and endangered species, and oases and corridors providing for the return of wildlife to our rural, suburban and urban habitats.

Imagine energy supplies that are safe, reliable and available. Coal, petroleum and nuclear energy sources have nearly been phased out because the magnitude of their economic, political and environmental costs have been exposed and rejected. Envision energy-efficient transit serving compact development, and private vehicles that get 100-200 miles per gallon of cellulose-based biofuels. Envision the smart use of supplies of solar, wind and other renewable energy resources providing energy that is not vulnerable to sabotage or war, reliably priced and non-polluting.

Imagine being the responsible stewards of our resources. We no longer tolerate waste in meeting our needs. Envision going beyond avoiding, reducing, reusing and recycling our natural resources. Envision the thoughtful development of products that last longer, that use fewer resources, that substitute abundant materials for scarce, that can be easily dismantled and reconstituted as new products.

Imagine development that creates special places. Land development is no longer characterized by incremental projects that separate places of work, living and commerce that require travel. Envision safe, beautifully designed communities and neighborhoods with complementary uses that foster resource efficiency and encourage walking, interaction and a sense of belonging.

Imagine nourishing food supplying our basic needs. Agriculture is no longer dependent on petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides that enter the food chain. Envision landscapes populated with fruit trees and family and community gardens and local farms growing better-tasting, organic foods and producing the best part of our food.

Imagine an education system that builds the skills needed for creating a sustainable world. Schools no longer operate as de facto day care facilities that unintentionally sap creativity by lecturing on inconsequential topics. Envision a universally available education system that engages and inspires. Envision schools that teach the skills needed to build a culture of lifelong learning needed to transition into a 21st century economy and sustainable society.

Imagine healthy people. Programs have eradicated famine, unsafe water and eliminated debilitating disease across the globe. Envision accessible, preventative health care that promotes physical and mental wellness for all.

Imagine vibrant economies. Prosperity can no longer be promising for a relative few at the expense of the many. Envision transformed local, regional country and global economies that reflect natural and human conditions, the advancement of sustainable development and economic justice that is predicated upon equal opportunity.

Imagine vibrant communities. Community cannot take root where isolation, fear, disillusionment, intolerance, media-think and us-them divides are the norm. Envision a world of hope and possibility. A world where an individual's rights are balanced with the right of all mankind. Envision a world where sharing, engagement, inclusiveness, spirited dialog, a culture of collaboration, and commitment to individual and collective growth are the basis for our actions.

Imagine a greater connection created by a community - individuals, families, businesses, places of worship, schools, governments, unions, non-profit organizations and other entities - working in concert to create a sustainable world. Imagine action that produces a feeling of purposefulness that is at once freeing and connecting.


With special acknowledgement to the inspiration of Amory Lovins' Imagine a World and John Lennon's Imagine.

The Company Raven is working to become
We envision that by 2010 Raven Business Group will become one of the preeminent consultancies that helps businesses, non-profit organizations and governments plan and implement sustainability policies, principles and projects throughout their operations.

Our Clients' results will be a powerful testament to our capabilities in rapidly deploying sustainability principles that result in greater profitability; improved quality of products and services; efficient resource use; enhanced reputations; attraction and retention of talent; innovation and the satisfaction of contributing to the wellbeing of multiple stakeholders.

Through our consulting successes, inspiring speaking engagements, networking and other media we will become recognized as sustainability thought leaders.

Over time we will build an interactive network of clients, colleagues and other collaborators in exchanging and discussing sustainability concepts, and identifying, sharing and enhancing best practices related to organizational; sustainability.







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