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Raven Business Group, LLC. is a consulting company that specializes in sustainability.

Glenn Bachman CMC, AICP
Glenn Bachman is President of Raven Business Group, a Certified Management Consultant and Certified Planner with nearly 30 years of experience in management consulting, strategic and environmental planning.

Glenn received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bowdoin College, where he discovered his interests in integrating energy and food production into architectural design. He continued his formal education at the University of Oregon where he received a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning. His thesis was on the use of regional climate and local weather data in energy facility siting, infrastructure planning and land development.

In 1980 Glenn wrote the Land Use element of the King County (Seattle, WA) Energy Plan and drafted the Energy element of the County's Comprehensive Plan. Following that pilot project he joined a small, highly regarded environmental consulting firm. During his 10-year tenure, he supervised a staff of up to 20 planners and was involved in approximately 150 projects, ranging from Environmental Impact Statements to energy facility cost-benefit analyses for clients ranging from the Bonneville Power Administration, Seattle City Light to land developers. The company founder sold her ownership position to Glenn and other key staff, and Glenn's enthusiasm for environmental work began to share the stage with the exhilaration of growing the company.

For the past 15 years Glenn has been a management consultant specializing in strategic planning and alignment, marketing and metrics. He has assisted growing organizations in strategic thinking, planning and organizational development, capitalization and project management

In 2004 when Glenn moved to New England to be closer to family, he founded the Raven Business Group. Combining his expertise in strategic thinking, environmental management and systems analysis, Glenn's practice has evolved into sustainability consulting: assisting organizations that desire to become more ecologically and socially responsible, while maintaining their profitability. He has developed a scorecard system for auditing environmental practices and that serves as the basis for evaluating the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives.

Glenn is Vice President of the Board of the Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living, a non-profit organization working to promote sustainable practices in Rhode Island area households, businesses, schools and government.

Shannon Bachman
Shannon is Vice President of Raven Business Group. She has 25 years of experience in office administration and management.

Shannon's responsibilities encompass office and project administration, research, logistical planning for company sponsored presentations and workshops, and ensuring a work - life balance.

Strategic Alliances
Raven teams with a variety of individuals and companies who provide expertise on specialized areas of consulting projects.







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